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Name Place EP Eliminated
Marlin Chan 8th place The Infomercial Challenge ep 4
DaySide P. 5th place The Judges Challenge ep 7
FU Music 3th place The Guest Challenge ep 9
Kyle Hatch 6th place The Topical Challenge ep 6
Joey Held 9th place The Word Challenge ep 3
Justin James Hughes 7th place (disqualified) The Prop Challenge ep5
Lana Mckissack NA NA
Tahir Moore 10th place The Word Challenge ep 3
Team Morgan 4th place The Set Challenge ep 8
Brothers Riedell NA NA

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Internet Icon[1] is an "American Idol-esque talent show"[2] that premiered on the YOMYOMF[3] YouTube account on June 12, 2012.[4]The show is a competition between groups to see who can be "the next internet icon" or be able to run their own channel while sustaining an audience. Internet Icon is hosted by Chester See and judged mainly by Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin.[5][6] The contestants are also judged by a guest third judge. The contestants complete challenges at the Los Angeles Center Studios, where the show is also shot at.

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